Joewell TR

For those that have already developed over sensitivity or those that are afraid of nickel allergy this is the scissor for you. Based on the already nickel-less (under 0,6%) Supreme stainless alloy a hard titanium coating covers the entire scissor and with the added rubber coated handle even the slightest trace of nickel is removed. Even without the beneficiary aspects of its design, the titanium coating offers great durability and the rubber coated handle offers perfect grip with a soft feel.

Benefits: Nickel-free handle

Material: Titanium coated supreme stainless alloy, nickel-less (under 0,6%). Nickel-free rubberized handle (0,0%).
Design features

»» Convex shape blade

»» Rubber coated handle

»» Offset handle

»» Precision flat screw

»» Removable finger rest

»» Regular sized finger holes


»» Joewell scissor oil

»» Finger rings

Joewell TR

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