Joewell FX

The first line of scissors from Joewell in their pursuit of scissors that stepped away from the old ideas of design to achieve something that would be easier to hold and use. The result was the 3D style offset handle. A very popular model in both the U.S. and Europe since its debut. Designed with a three-dimensional style grip for a natural motion of the thumb, fingers and elbow. Well balanced and designed for powerful and keen cutting.

Benefits: 3D style grip, very ergonomic

 Supreme stainless alloy, nickel-less (under 0,6%)

Design features

»» 3D style offset handle
»» Thin adjustable screw
»» Removable finger rest
»» Regular sized finger holes


»» Joewell scissor oil
»» Finger rings

Joewell FX

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55 (5,5"), 60 (6")