Joewell New Cobalt

Scissors in a special Cobalt base alloy, which is a significantly more wear resistant material that offer a better edge for a longer time. These are best suited for dry cut but will also work perfectly for blunt, stroke and slide cut.

 Long life, less need for sharpening
Material: Cobalt base alloy, nickel-less (under 0,6%)

Design features

»» Symmetric handle

»» Precision flat screw

»» Removable finger rest

»» Regular sized finger holes


»» Joewell scissor oil

»» Finger rings


MaterialCobalt base alloy
Nickel contentNickelless (under 0,6%)
Blade typeRegular Joewell blade
Screw systemPrecision flat screw
Finger hole sizeRegular
Removable finger rest
IncludedJoewell scissor oil, finger rings

Joewell New Cobalt

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