Joewell Black Skull

The result of combining one of the most technically advanced scissors to date with some creativity. This is a FX-PRO in all its glory with both a visually appealing Black Titanium coating and a tension bearing cap in real silver in the shape of a skull. Why sacrifice quality for design when you can have both.

Benefits: Design, 3D style grip, low maintenance, ergonomic superiority

Material: Supreme stainless alloy, nickel-less (under 0,6%)

Design features

»» Silver skull bearing cap

»» Sword blade

»» 3D style offset handle

»» Twisted finger ring

»» Dry bearing screw system

»» Removable finger rest

»» Regular sized finger holes


»» Joewell scissor oil

»» Finger rings

Joewell Black Skull

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50 (5"), 55 (5,5"), 60 (6")